September 2, 2008

Keiji Yano


Keiji Yano (Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University; Visiting Professor, Centre for Spatial Information Science, Tokyo University)

Academic Qualifications:
Ph.D. (Doctor of Science) Geography , June 1992, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan


Title of Thesis:
Integration of Spatial Interaction Models: Towards Constructing a General Theory of Spatial Interaction.
MS Geography March, l986, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Title of Thesis: Validity and Subject of Urban Modeling (Lowry-type models) from a Point of View of Disaggregated Urban Systems. 
B.Sc. Geography March, 1984, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Title of Thesis: Reexamination of a Delimitation of Functional Regions Using Factor Analysis.
2002-present  Professor, Department of Geography, Ritsumeikan University
2002--present Visiting Professor, Centre for Spatial Information Science, Tokyo University
1992-2002  Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Ritsumeikan University
1988-1992 Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Selected Publications:
Yano, K., Nakaya, T., Isoda, Y., Takase, Y., Kawasumi, T., Matsuoka, K., Seto, T., Kawahara, D., Tsukamoto, A., Inoue, M. and Kirimura, T. (2008): Virtual Kyoto: 4DGIS Comprising Spatial and Temporal Dimensions. Journal of Geography, 117-2, pages 464-478
Yano, K., Nakaya, T. and Isoda, Y. eds. (2007): Virtual Kyoto: exploring the past, present and future of Kyoto. Nakanishiya, 161 pages (JE)
Yano, K. (2006): Virtual Time-Space of Kyoto: towards building social consensus using GIS. GIM International, 20-4, pages 45-47.
Yano, K., Isoda, Y., Nakaya, T., Kawasumi, T., Matsuoka, K., Takase, Y., Kawahara, D., Kawahara, N., Inoue, M., Tsukamoto, A. and Kirimura, T. (2006): Creating Virtual Time Space of Kyoto, e-journal GEO, first issue published by the Association of Japanese Geographers (AJG), 1-0, pages 12-21 (J)
Yano, K. (2006): Reading Digital Mapa, Nakanishiya, 149 pages (J)
Wakabayashi, Y., Kamiya, H., Kinoshita, R., Yui, Y. and Yano, K. eds. (2002): Single Women's Urban Space, Taimeido, 236 pages (J)
Yano, K. (1999): World of Geographical Information Systems: What's GIS?, Newton Press, 250 pages (J)