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ISSN 2436-5408 (Online)
ISSN 1346-2601 (Print)

ART RESEARCH vol. 23-1 (issued on October 25, 2022)
Research Paper

Color and design on the battlefield: Oumajirushi ezu 御馬印繪図 (1619-1631) from The Complutense University of Madrid.
――New chronological reference for this type of compilations
Pilar Cabañas

Estimation of economic ripple effects of digital archiving in the region
――A case study of a digital archive built by a local government in its pioneer days
Yuji Miyata

An Attempt to Restore Early Japanese Books with Generative Adversarial Networks
Hayata Kaneko, Meng Lin

Introduction to Research

Multilingual Information Access Technologies for Digital Archives of Japanese Cultural Resources
Akira Maeda

Introduction to a Collection

中井文庫本新出役者評判記 享保6年刊「都御なじみ男」の紹介
Ryo Akama

ARC Event Review

<Review of the 96st International ARC Seminar (Hitoshi TAJIMA)>
The Growing Global Fashion Industry : 350 trillion yen in sales by 2025 based on LGBTQ and Circular Economy
Risako Hirano

<Review of the 98st International ARC Seminar (Ban Hiroshi)>
Tracing the Roots of Popular Music in Kyoto - BAN HIROSHI University in Ritsumeikan University -
Shinya Saito

<Review of the 99st International ARC Seminar (Mayuko Takeshita / Kyoko Hasegawa)>
Nara Prefecture Historical and Artistic Culture Complex--A New Initiative to Protect Cultural Properties / Digital Archiving and Visualization of Taima-dera Temple by 3D scanning
Daimon Aoi

<Review of the 100st International ARC Seminar (Yoshiyuki SENKAI)>
KOBAYASHI, Ichizo: Social and Cultural Projects as the Two Wheels of his Business
Mutsuki Yamamoto

<Review of the 101st International ARC Seminar (Dr. Nadine Willems)>
Going to War During the Taisho Period: Japan's Siberian Intervention of 1918-1922 as Illustrated by the Pictorial Diaries of Infantryman Takeuchi Tadao
Emma Donington Kiey