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ISSN 2436-5408 (Online)
ISSN 1346-2601 (Print)

Issued on March, 2021

Attempt to genealogy of small guidebooks of Nara in the early modern period(別ウィンドウ)
Nozomu Ataka

Restoration of the townscape using town documents in modern Kyoto: Examination of characteristics of Yumiyacho documents in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City and restoration methods(別ウィンドウ)
Hirotaka Sato


Construction of GIS Database of Alexandria Based on the Old Maps(別ウィンドウ)
Mohamed Soliman,Tomoyuki Usami,Satoshi Imamura,Keiji Yano

Web Content Productions Undiscussed in Otaku Critiques in the 2000s: Indie Game Creation and the Gender Issues(別ウィンドウ)
Shunsuke Mukae,Takahiro Mori,Moon Jhee

On Genroku-era Edo Kabuki Materials Collected by Shokusanjin:A Case Study of Zaigen fukusō (Ningen shiraku) in the Seikido Bunko Collection(別ウィンドウ)
Ryo Akama

Issues and verification for the utilization of "Heian-kyo Site Database"(別ウィンドウ)
Mikiharu Takeuchi,Satoshi Imamura,Keiji Yano

A Study for Quantitative Text Analyses of Yakusya Hyobanki: On The Current Status and Issues of Morphological Analyses(別ウィンドウ)
Shiori Totsuka

A Study of Expertise for Building a Sustainable Game Archive(別ウィンドウ)
Akito Inoue,Takashi Obana,Akinori Nakamura,Koichi Hosoi

Consideration on "Scenes in and around Kyoto", (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston version) drawing the parade of "Chosen Tsushin'shi", (Korean envoys) -Possibility of the folding screen presented to the shogun in Ten'na 3 years-
Katsumi Ohtsuka

Technical support Newsletter

On the ARC Portal Database System: How to Handle its Multilingualization and Specialized Terminology(別ウィンドウ)
Masanori Yamaji,Ryo Akama

Activity Report

アート・リサーチセンター研究活動報告 2019年度プロジェクト研究(別ウィンドウ)