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ISSN 2436-5408 (Online)
ISSN 1346-2601 (Print)

ART RESEARCH vol.18 Issued on March 31, 2018
Issued on March 31, 2018

Yuzen Designs from 1900 to 1911: A Case Study of the Association for Yuzen's Prize Competitions(別ウィンドウ)
Mizuho Kamo

The Background and Birth of F.V.Dickins's English translation of Chushingura and the Revision for 1880 version: Based on the arguments in Japan Weekly Mail(別ウィンドウ)
Yuko Kawauchi

Development of the Chinese phoenix motif found in the patterns of modern-day "Kimono": Primarily based on materials of the Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University(別ウィンドウ)
Natsuko Takasu

A preliminary study about the procurement and reuse of the remanufactured paper (Palimpsest) of some sutra writing papers in of the Middle Ages: Focusing on Old Japanese Golden Manuscripts of Buddhist Scriptures of the Fujii Eikan Bunko Collection stored by Art Research Center
Aiko Aida

Yōsan-e and The Aesthetics of Post-Tenpō Reforms Era Sericulture Prints
Vanessa Tothill

The Influence of Noh Plays on Kosode Patterns in the Genji Hinagata(別ウィンドウ)
Michelle Kuhn


Visualization and Sharing of Social Logs with "Comicication": Through the Design and Implementation of "Toilet type UI"(別ウィンドウ)
Risa Nakajima, Shinya Saito

Basic configuration of Sujigaki in Naka-za theatre in Dotonbori district in Osaka(別ウィンドウ)
Izumi Aoyama

Activity Report

アート・リサーチセンター研究活動報告 2016年度プロジェクト研究(別ウィンドウ)