April 29, 2011

Visit to look at woodblock collections

The following members went to see the woodblocks of the Takahashi family, which produced five generations of wood-block printers.

Date: April 29 (Fri.), 10:00~

Participants: Akama, Kaneko, Takashi Uchida


In the storage area, each woodblock was carefully wrapped up in newspaper and accompanied by print samples and identification tags. Colored woodblock prints of nature scenes were the most common, and there were also reproductions of large nishiki-e (brocade pictures).

Normally, primary plates are of high quality and color plates are not, but even the color plates in the Takahashi family collection were prepared from high-quality blocks. We were also able to see woodblocks that were reused for hanpon printing and rare engraving techniques.


At the Japanese Culture Research Group, we will continue our research with particular consideration to the acquirement of future materials.