January 5, 2012

1st Workshop on Knowledge, Art, Culture, and Information Science

 Presenting from this lab will be Ping Zhou (Postdoctoral Fellow). Masanori Yamaji from DH- JAC will also present.


Workshop Program

How to Apply


Date: January 21, 2012 (Saturday), 11:00 17:30 (registration begins at 10:30

※Please note the change in time!

Location: Ritsumeikan University, Osaka Campus (located near Umeda Station)  Osaka

Fukokuseimei Building 5F, Komatsubara, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0018


November 22, 2011

Workshop: "Digitalizing and Digitally Displaying 3D Cultural Assets"

The Digital Museum Project (Ritsumeikan University) will be holding its second human resources development workshop as listed below.

Theme: Digitalizing and Digitally Displaying 3D Cultural Assets

Date: December 5~7 (Monday to Wednesday)

Location: Ritsumeikan Art Research Center, Multipurpose Room / Reading & Exhibition Room (Tamokuteki-shitsu / Etsurantenji-shitsu)

Fee: Free

In this second workshop, you will learn about how materials such as sculptures, ceramics, lacquerware, and other three-dimensional cultural assets are digitally archived, measured, and displayed through lectures by leading experts of the field. On the third day, participants will have an opportunity to present on their respective institutions’ three-dimensional exhibitions. Through lively discussion, we hope to encourage mutual exchange of information on an international level.

Please note that because this is a workshop intended for practical training, it is not open to the general public.

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November 1, 2011

Research activities listed on R-GIRO's Research Results page

Information on Ritsumeikan University’s R-GIRO project, “Sharing Japanese Cultural and Artistic Materials With the World Through Digital Archiving,” is now available on the web.


September 9, 2011

Presentation at EAJS2011

On August 24, 2011, I delivered the keynote speech for the Visual Arts section of the 13th International Conference of EAJS (European Association of Japanese Studies), held in Tallinn, Estonia. (Akama)

Title: “Trends in studies using digital images”

August 12, 2011

Research activities introduced on Virtual Lab website

An article outlining the research activities of Akama Lab has been posted on the Kyoto Laboratory for Culture and Computing Virtual Lab website under the title “Researchers Themselves Become Archivists: Exploring Diverse Possibilities for Research and Industry Using New Digital Archive Know-How.”


July 30, 2011

Workshop on the digitalization of rare Japanese books at Università Pontificia Salesiana, Roma

A workshop on the digitalization of rare Japanese books was held for four days, from July 26, 2011 through the 29th, in the library of Università Pontificia Salesiana, Roma, where the Marega Collection is preserved. During that time, Japan’s ambassador to the Vatican kindly visited and observed the proceedings.

The four-day program and photographs of the workshop may be found here.

July 21, 2011

Katayama Family Noh and Kyoto Dance Preservation Foundation seeking part-time staff

The Katayama Family Noh and Kyoto Dance Preservation Foundation is seeking part-time help for the following areas:

・Assisting at the exhibition hall for Noh costumes and Noh masks

・Airing out Noh costumes

(Update: no longer accepting applications.)

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May 30, 2011

"Digitally Archiving the World's Museums" article series

An article series entitled “Digitally Archiving the World’s Museums” was launched on the Nissha Foundation for Printing Culture and Technology website AMeet. The first article, which is subtitled “What kind of digitalization is being called for?”, goes over the history of digital archiving and summarizes our project’s approach to the archiving of cultural properties.

Later articles will introduce museums and libraries that are currently advancing digital archiving.

May 16, 2011

Start of a web portal for digitally viewing Ritsumeikan University's rare literary and art- related materials

The research project “Digitally Releasing Rare Literary and Art-Related Materials Held at Ritsumeikan’s Kinugasa Campus,” which was supported through funding from the College of Letters upon the 110th anniversary of the founding of Ritsumeikan in 2010, has resulted in the following web portal.

You can view materials from library archives such as the Saionji Collection, the Hakuyoso collection, and the library reference room; as well as materials from Art Research Center archives such as the Fujii Eikan Collection, the Hayashi Yoshikazu Collection, the Sakurai Collection, and ukiyo-e.

Ritsumeikan University Rare Books Archive Japanese Literature & Art

November 24, 2010

"Hana kuyō and Bashō in Kyoto"

An exhibit entitled “Hana kuyō and Bashō in Kyoto” has been launched.


In conjunction with the exhibition, our research lab is making a reprint of Hana kuyō and related materials available on the web.

●For information on Hana kuyō and more, please click here.
●You can view the Illustrated Guide to the exhibition here.

●Furthermore, we will be steadily be making the entire Sakurai Collection available via the ARC Browsing System for Modern Literary Texts.

 If you click here, you can search through the Sakurai Collection.


(From the web portal, please enter “Sakurai bunko” (桜井文庫) in the section marked 所蔵者 and then click the 閲覧 (browse) button. )