April 2, 2011

Presentations at AAS Annual Conference

Monika Bincsik, Ryoko Matsuba, Mizuho Kamo (Japanese Culture Research Group), and Akihiro Tsukamoto (Historical Geographic Information Science Research Group) presented together on a panel at AAS, held this year in Hawaii. Many people came to hear the panel, and the panelists received a great response from the audience.


Panel title: The Location of the Motif or How to Popularize Ideas: Late Edo Period Visual Language Shared In Ukiyo-e, Decorative Arts and the Theatre


Presentation titles:

Monika Bincsik, “Lacquer Depicted on Ukiyo-e: Ukiyo-e Reflected in Lacquer”

Akihiro Tsukamoto, “Locations of the Edo Period Kyoto Lacquer Workshops: GIS Analysis Based on Historical Sources”

Mizuho Kamo, “Tracing the ‘Whose sleeves?’ Motif through Various Fashionable Art Forms”

Ryoko Matsuba, “The Eight Views in Edo Period Japan: Transmissions of the Pictorial Subjects”