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Global Actions for Japanese Cultural Resources

 Shifting from the Art Research Center's conventional research activities to integrate the humanities and information science and to improve digital research environment, this project aims at challenging new issues for the ARC. That is, how the ARC can contribute to the society, including that to the Kyoto region through the utilization of cultural resources, and to international understanding of Japanese culture.
As a further step of Japanese cultural studies that we have been conducting, we need to consider strategies to have the culture enrich our lives, in some cases by producing economic wealth. For this purpose, we intend to utilize our digital research resources that we have been accumulating through the integration of the humanities and information science and digital research. By doing so, the ARC will conduct practical research on how cultural studies can contribute to the society and accumulate case studies so that we could provide practical advice on this matter.

The Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities FY 2015-2019 has been completed.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities FY 2015-2019「Global Actions for Japanese Cultural Resources」HP(別ウィンドウ)

Research Outline

This research project consists of three sub-themes.

① To promote the understanding of Japanese culture through the cooperation with Japanese cultural organizations and researchers overseas (international contribution)
② To contribute to regional cooperation with the cultural industry and cultural research centered in Kyoto (regional contribution)
③ To introduce and develop information technology (IT) to implement broader applications, rather than simple accumulation, of existing ARC digital resources and to expand the digital environment promoted by ①②. Each theme will be linked together and coordinated via the "Social Contribution Development Committee", an umbrella organization consisting of representatives from each group.

Furthermore, an external screening committee will be established to review the progress of research and receive advice. The meeting by the screening committee will be held after the public conference at the end of each fiscal year.