September 4, 2008

Kozaburo Hachimura (Day 1, Part 1)

Kozaburo Hachimura (Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University)

Digital Archive of Dancing with Motion Capture

Our research on digital archiving of human body motion and its application will be presented. This is one of the case studies of Digital Humanities research in art and culture field. Human body motion data are obtained by using an optical type motion capture system. Motion data are used for not only archiving but also several data analysis research. Analyses include identification of dance motions and/or dancers, and extraction of characteristic parts from the sequence of dance motion. Furthermore, motion data retrieval based on the similarity of body motion itself, and extracting relationships between 'Kansei' (emotional) factors which and body motions will be presented. Topics of creation of computer graphics animations and a trial of making a dance collaboration system in virtual reality environment will also be shown.