September 2, 2008

Aki Ishigami


Aki Ishigami (Postdoctoral Fellow, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University)

Ph.D. in Japanese Literature. Research area: Cultural History of the Edo period.


I am engaging in the project of the “Beauty of Edo period Japanese Books and Prints” and the “Text & Image”as a PD affiliated with Japanese Culture Research Group at the ARC, GCOE Program, Ritsumeikan University. My main responsibilities include research and digitalization of prints and books. The subject of my research is shunga and ehon in Edo period.

My major articles include:
"Honolulu Academy of Arts Lane Collection: A Study of Fūryū Ashiwakebune by Nishizawa Ippū:Survey of Early Kamigata Ehon”(Kinsei Bungei 85, 2007); 
“A Study of Kōshoku Gokuhiden by Nishizawa Ippū: Relationship with Jōruridanmonoshū and Ukiyozōshi”(Ronkyū Nihon Bungaku, 88, 2008); and
”A Study of Fūrū Zashiki Hakkei by Suzuki Harunobu: The Use of Kyōka Poems in Pictorial Composition and  Design Sources”(Ukiyo-e Geijutsu, 156, 2008).