September 4, 2008

Aki Ishigami (Day 2, Reports on Research Results by Young Researchers, Participants of the International Training Program)

Aki Ishigami (Postdoctoral Fellow, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University)

Survey of Shunga and Ehon in Overseas Collections

As an ITP scholar, I conducted research and taken digital photos of shunga and ehon in the collections of the Honolulu Academy of Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I set my research base in SOAS, University of London, and conducted a survey in the British Museum, as well.

I especially worked hard for the collections of HAA and MFA that needed to be organized and catalogued. I believe it is important for the future study of shunga to make a comprehensive list of extant material in overseas collections, which is my primary concern at this initial stage of my survey. In this presentation, I would like to discuss the collections of each museum and the setup of a Shunga/Ehon Database based on these research outcomes.