November 24, 2010

"Hana kuyō and Bashō in Kyoto"

An exhibit entitled “Hana kuyō and Bashō in Kyoto” has been launched.


In conjunction with the exhibition, our research lab is making a reprint of Hana kuyō and related materials available on the web.

●For information on Hana kuyō and more, please click here.
●You can view the Illustrated Guide to the exhibition here.

●Furthermore, we will be steadily be making the entire Sakurai Collection available via the ARC Browsing System for Modern Literary Texts.

 If you click here, you can search through the Sakurai Collection.


(From the web portal, please enter “Sakurai bunko” (桜井文庫) in the section marked 所蔵者 and then click the 閲覧 (browse) button. )