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July 21, 2011

Katayama Family Noh and Kyoto Dance Preservation Foundation seeking part-time staff

The Katayama Family Noh and Kyoto Dance Preservation Foundation is seeking part-time help for the following areas:

・Assisting at the exhibition hall for Noh costumes and Noh masks

・Airing out Noh costumes

(Update: no longer accepting applications.)

Airing out Noh costumes and masks

Conditions: 800yen / hour; lunch (two days only); transportation allowance

Job Description: Assisting in transporting Noh costumes and masks, etc. You will help Noh performers carry costumes and masks out of the wardrobe for airing.

Location: Katayama Family Noh and Kyoto Dance Preservation Foundation, Nawate-dori, Shinmonzen-dori higashi-iru 

August 1 (Mon.): 13:00~18:00 (two males)

August 2 (Tues.): 9:00~18:00 (three males)


Assisting at the exhibition hall       Note: all positions have been filled.

Conditions: 800yen / hour; lunch; transportation allowance

Job Description: Reception staff, hall attendant (monitoring, ushering)

Merits: Noh costumes, masks, and other items of the Katayama family will be displayed in the exhibition hall, and a Noh authority will be on hand to provide commentary. The Katayama family boasts one of the most venerable family lineages in the Noh world and is Kyoto’s most long-established house. Even those on monitoring duty will be able to hear the commentary and learn from it. The lunch break will also a give you a great opportunity to catch an exhibit at the newly renovated Museum of Kyoto.


Location: The Museum of Kyoto, 6F

Details about the exhibition may be found here.

Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To apply, email geino◆arc.ritsumei.ac.jp. (Please replace ◆ with @ .)

You can check this site for the latest information on remaining positions.

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