Kyoto Performance: "Kiritaro the Tengu’s Drinking Party"

Dates: March 2nd-24th Time: Afternoon performance 11am; Evening performance 4pm Place: Minami Theater, Kyoto
"Kiritaro the Tengu’s Drinking Party" (Kiritaro tengu no sakamori), an action-filled play written by Namiki Shoza, is being staged for the first time in a hundred and eleven years in a revival at Kyoto’s Minami Theater (Minami-za). Set in the Kamakura period, the play deals with Kiritaro the Tengu (a mountain goblin), who tries to overthrow the legitimate Minamoto clan using his supernatural powers. Nakamura Hashinosuke will star in the role of Kiritaro; Nakamura Kantaro plays Hojo Yoshitoki; and Nakamura Shichinosuke plays the courtesan Sakuragi. Actors fly across the stage in a performance packed with the stunning special effects Kabuki is famous for.
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