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Archiving and Utilization of Japanese Performing Arts Materials on GloPAD and JPARC [書込]

2016年4月 6日(水)


日時:3月2日 〜 3月5日

参加者:Monica Bethe (JPARC Director, Otani University, Kyoto), Dr. Diego Pellecchia (Visiting Researcher, Ritsumeikan University, Art Research Center, Kyoto), Katherine Saltzman-Li (GloPAC Director, UC Santa Barbara), Joshua Young (GloPAC Coordinator, Cornell University), Mai Shaikhanuar-Cota (CEAS Managing Editor, Cornell University), Dan McKee (Japanese Bibliographer, Cornell University Library), Mia Tootill (GloPAC Graduate Assistant, Cornell University).
場所:Cornell University, Ithaca

March 2, Wednesday

1:00-2:30pm Kroch Library - Saltzman-Li, Young, Bethe, McKee
"Kabuki resources and visual archives: uses and needs" - digital collections and projects - what is out there (ARC, SOAS, Kabuki21, JapanArtsCouncil, CUL)? What is of use? What can be done practically for the North American university audience? What should be the role of JPARC?

3:00-4:30pm Olin Library 603 - Saltzman-li, Bethe, Shaikhanuar-Cota, Tootill, Young
JPARC editing. Content migration plan and product.

March 3, Thursday

Physical Sciences Building 401 - Saltzman-li, Bethe, Pellecchia, Young, Shaikhanuar-Cota, Tootill

"ARC - JPARC overview: introduction of Diego Pellecchia, ARC projects, and survey of GloPAC-JPARC resources"

Lunch in room

The Santa Barbara project (Saltzman-li) and ARC project (Pellecchia and Bethe).

JPARC: platforms and technologies for development and for presentation (Young)

Hands-on editing with JPARC and GloPAD. Workflow overview from collection to publication.

March 4, Friday

9:00-11:45am Uris Hall G08, Einaudi Center for International Studies - Saltzman-li, Pellecchia, Shaikhanuar-Cota, Tootill, Young
JPARC editing training: GloPAD image use guidelines and workflows; presentation layout needs; annotated image construction and use; content migration from existing JPARC sections.

1:00-2:30pm Uris Hall G08
Public presentation of JPARC developments - Young, Saltzman-li, Pellecchia
"Redeveloping an Online Performing Arts Resource Center: The Cornell-Ritsumeikan-UC Santa Barbara Collaboration" JPARC development and status, ARC noh projects, UC Santa Barbara kabuki project.

3:00-4:30pm East Asia Program office (Uris 140) - Young, Saltzman-li, Pellecchia, Shaikhanuar-Cota
Further editing training. Content migration specifics.

March 5, Saturday

9:30-11:45am East Asia Program office - Young, Saltzman-li, Pellecchia
JPARC glossary set up. Schedules for migration and development.