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The Art Research Center (ARC) received the Digital Archive Japan Award (DAJ) 2022
August 25, 2022(Thu)

DAJ_Award_1.jpgOn August 25, 2022, the Art Research Center (ARC), Ritsumeikan University, received the Digital Archive Japan Award (DAJ).


The Digital Archive Japan Award (DAJ) is an award system newly established by Japan Search, a national platform operated by the National Diet Library, Japan, for aggregating metadata of digital resources of various fields, including Book/Publication, Official Documents, and Humanities and Art.

The DAJ Award has been designed to widely introduce to society the initiatives that integrate digital archives into daily life, such as the promotion of digitization, open content, and the provision of new services using digital technology to create momentum for their utilization. The ARC is honored to be the first recipient of this award.

The award ceremony was held at the Digital Archive Fest 2022 (「デジタルアーカイブフェス2022」)--hosted by the National Diet Library and the Cabinet Office--where industry, academia, and government officials gathered to discuss cutting-edge case studies and commended good practices for promoting digital archiving in Japan.

The ARC received this award for its role as an international link for Japanese art and culture by publishing online databases--including ukiyo-e, early Japanese books, and banzuke-related contents--while collaborating with various domestic and international institutions and individuals to enhance the discoverability of such contents and presenting a model in this field of the art and culture. Furthermore, the ARC was recognized for its efforts in developing metadata and providing access to pages containing terms and conditions of use for each institution.

8_1.pngIn his acceptance speech, Professor Ryo Akama, Director of the Art Research Center (ARC), expressed that, for a quarter of a century since its establishment in 1998, the center has been working with digital archives as the foundation for its research activities. On the day, Associate Professor Takaaki Kaneko delivered the award acceptance speech in Prof. Akama's place.

He highlighted that the center has been accumulating a vast amount of contents while mainly targeting overseas museums. "The excellent mechanisms of Japan Search have allowed us to clearly position ourselves as an international link", said Professor Akama.

He expressed his intention to take the Digital Archive Japan Award (DAJ) as an opportunity to further respond to the needs of users worldwide by disseminating information on cultural resources in Japan which go beyond areas such as ukiyo-e, early Japanese books, and banzuke-related contents.

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