G09 Kawari-e, Shikake-e

"Shinkuhu Yotsuyakaidan Chochinnuke"
Artist:無款 Hosoban, Colour print
Published: ca. 1868(Meiji 1), Osaka
Shirakaba Collection (shiUY0162)

Orikaeshi-e or Komochi-e is general term for a picture with mechanisms to reproduce the stage and also stage effects on a single sheet print. Those pictures were mainly enjoyed among children and Kabuki fans. They enjoyed not only playing with it but also putting together, cutting out the parts from a large sized Ukiyo-e, on which everything is printed such as parts and basic picture, and sticking on or inserting into the position. Such mechanics enable a single print to express actor's move of transformation. Popular stage effects Hayagawari (quick change) were often used as a subject of the mechanics.
This picture describes a scene from the most successful ghost program "Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan", in which the ghost of the murdered heroine Oiwa appeared from Japanese lantern (Chochin). This scene is called "Chochin nuke", one of the highlight of"Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan" which features various stage effects to inspire fears.
The steps to construct the mechanics of this picture is cutting out two parts printed "Kirinuki" (cut out) firstly, and putting the circle sheet cut out from below under that hole. And the when you turn the circle, the gohst of Oiwa and will-o'-the-wisps appear from the hole. Even more, you can change the pose of Oiwa's husband and murderer Tamiya Iemon, and the state of Chochin depending on proceeding of the scene. (,)

Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan