0.03 The beginning of present Kabuki

However, heeding strong requests, Kabuki was permitted to exist by transforming its style. Wakashu escaped the regulation by cutting their front hair and becoming adult man so that it was not WAKASHU-KABUKI anymore and continued their show business. In addition, the previous Kabuki style that focuses on sensual performance and actor's appearance was changed into the new style that focuses more on stories, and in this way, Kabuki gradually became an art. As a story gets complicated, length of the play became longer and actors elaborated a stage setting into details as well. Thus, Kabuki today as drama had been formed around this time. Add to rhis, from YUJO-KABUKI, Shamisen, instrument brought from China, came to be used. Shamisen was not familliar yet to the people at that time, so this caught more attention.