November 20 (sun.) Panel 1: Invited Speakers

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Kōji Tanabe(Chair, Kyoto Culture Association (NPO))

The Development of the Kyoto Digital Archives

  1. The Past 10 Years of the Kyoto Digital Archive
  2. Cooperative Projects with Foreign Museums
  3. Applications of High-Resolution Facsimiles of Cultural Assets and Their Future


     I will present on the history of the unique digital archive projects that were initiated by the city of Kyoto and have now been passed on to the Kyoto Culture Association. During the six years that it was led by the city of Kyoto and other organizations such as the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Digital Archive Project established pioneering digital archives beyond what any other local government had accomplished, under its motto, “save, connect, and apply.” The project’s history includes three years of activities by the Kyoto Digital Archive Promotion Association from its establishment in 1998 until its dissolution in 2001, and another three years of activities by the Kyoto Digital Archives Research Center from its establishment in the same year until its dissolution in 2004. The project’s crown jewel achievement is the Digital Archive of the National Treasure, Nijō Castle. Influenced by this project, many for-profit and non-profit organizations started their own unique digital archives, and created new industries and fields. Today, I would like to report on the activities of the Kyoto Culture Association in an effort to “learn” and “teach” about the existence of our cultural inheritance and its value, as well as to discuss these matters with our participants today.