[Closed] Call for Manuscript Submissions for ART RESEARCH, Vol. 22-1 - イベント情報

[Closed] Call for Manuscript Submissions for ART RESEARCH, Vol. 22-1

We are pleased to announce that the Art Research Center's journal--ART RESEARCH--will be reborn as an online journal from volume 22-1.

The purpose of the journal is to widely publicize the results of the research projects and activities conducted by the Art Research Center and its partner institutions and collaborative researchers. As an academic journal specializing in arts and culture, it has received many contributions from industry experts every year.

Since its establishment in 1998, the Art Research Center (ARC) has been selected for several national grants as a center of excellence for research in culture, art, and information science. In FY2019, the center assumed the role as the International Joint Digital Archiving Center for Japanese Art & Culture (ARC-iJAC) upon its accreditation by the MEXT as an International Joint Usage/Research Center. The ARC is highly regarded as a leading hub for the digital archiving of Japanese art and culture.

Our online journal will be published several times a year, and at the end of the fiscal year, a print booklet summarizing all contributions will be distributed..

By accepting manuscripts any time from now, we hope to greatly increase the submission opportunities for researchers.

We look forward to receiving your manuscript submission.

Journal title: ART RESEARCH, vol. 22-1

Format: A4 size, two columns for both horizontal and vertical writing

Publication date: End of October 2021 (scheduled)

Contents: Research papers and research notes on culture, art, and information science (investigation reports, introduction of materials, technical notes, etc.)

Those that match the theme of a research project related to the Art Research Center are particularly welcome.

【Manuscript Submission Guidelines】
pdf.jpg Manuscript Submission Guidelines

【manuscript format (word)】
 manuscript format(別ウィンドウ)

How to apply

Only complete manuscripts will be accepted.

Please send us your manuscript and the required information via e-mail by the due date.

The manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and notifications of acceptance / rejection will be sent upon review.

Please include in your application:

1. Manuscript

2. Indication on the type of manuscript (research paper, research note)

3. Address and telephone number

Send your application to: arc-jimu■ (Person in charge: Kitahara、Emily)
※Please change "■" to "@" ※Please state "Art Research Manuscript Submission" in the subject line

Deadline: August 31 (Tues), 2021
※Should you have any difficulties submitting your work via e-mail, please contact the Art Research Center Secretariat in advance.
※For manuscripts other than research papers and research notes, please contact the Art Research Center Secretariat.
※Please note that your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the editing of Art Research.

Other remarks: Please contact us if you would like to receive back number of the journal booklet that is published at the end of the fiscal year.

For more information, please contact:

Art Research Center Secretariat (Person in charge: Kitahara, Emily)

TEL: +81-75-466-3411(Ext. 511-2933

FAX: 075-466-3415 (ext. 511-2935)

E-mail: arc-jimu■ (please change "■" to "@")

* Please state "Journal Inquiry" in the subject line.