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July 20, 2011

On a Change of the Order of Presentations at the Genre Painting Workshop

We would like to announce that the order of presentations given at the workshop on the 30th and 31st will be changed as follows. There will be no change in the list of presenters, but the presentations of Professor Matthew McKelway and of Ms. Naoko Matsumoto will be switched. We apologize for the last-minute change and for any inconvenience this might cause.


July 30th (Sat)


“‘Genre Paintings’ Seen in Art Education in Modern Kyoto,” Masako Yamamoto (PD at Ritsumeikan University)


“The Largest Rakuchū-Rakugai-zu: On the Environment in which the Newly-Discovered Rakuchū-Rakugai-zu Was Produced,” Matthew McKelway (Associate Professor, Columbia University)


After the workshop, we will have a social hour at the same location.


July 31st (Sun)


“A Gaze toward ‘Folkways’ in Modern China: Using Jiang Zhaohe’s Liuwang Tu as a Clue” (provisional title), Motoyuki Kure (Curator, Kyoto National Museum)


“On Shiki Kōsaku-zu,” Naoko Matsumoto (Curator, Nijo Castle) Workshop Organizers: Ikuyo Matsumoto, Princess Akiko of Mikasa, and Sachiko Idemitsu


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