November 26, 2011

Seminar at Gakushuin University Museum of History

This is an entry posted by Princess Akiko of Mikasa, a Postdoctoral Fellow.

I delivered a lecture entitled “The Beginning of Japanese Art History: William Anderson and the British Museum” at the 66th Seminar at Gakushuin University Museum of History on November 26th.

More than four hundred people attended. I am grateful for the warm comments that I received from them after the lecture.

November 18, 2011

Announcement of the Upcoming Genre Painting Workshop

We invite you to join us at the biannual Winter Genre Painting Workshop. The following are the dates and contents of the workshop. Please notify us of your attendance in advance. The workshop on both days will be held in Conference Room 2 at the Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University.


December 24th (Sat)


“Bijinga by the Maruyama School: Focusing on Ōkyo, Soken, and Nangaku,” Momo Miyazaki (The Museum Yamato Bunkakan)


“The World of the Illustrated Books on Kabuki-Actors” (provisional title), Ryo Akama (Ritsumeikan University)


After the workshop, we will have a social hour in the same conference room.


December 25th (Sun)


“On Shitsurai in the Heian period: Comparative Examination of Historical Materials and Pictorial Materials” (provisional title), Kyoko Yoshizumi (Kyoto City Library of Historical Documents)


“Seiki Kuroda’s Mukashigatari and Kyoto,” Sayoko Ueda (The Museum of Kyoto)


Workshop Organizers: Ikuyo Matsumoto, Princess Akiko of Mikasa, and Sachiko Idemitsu

November 7, 2011

(Announcement) The Upcoming Genre Painting Workshop

We are holding the biannual Genre Painting Workshop again this winter. It will be held on December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun) from 13:00 at the Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University. Presenters have already been finalized. We will make another announcement as soon as we are informed of the details, including the topics of the presentations. We would appreciate it if you could add this workshop to your schedule for participation even though it will coincide with the busy year-end period. If you plan to participate, please notify us of your attendance in advance as usual.