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立女方 たておやま



Tateoyama is a name of actor's class or role. Until the middle of Meiji era (end of 19th century), the part was for one of the first class Oyama(feminine role specialist) and honorable and gave the actors authority, however, its position is no longer obvious like the past, because such class distinctions among actors have already been vague and the composition of actors is not fixed. Tateoyama's Banzuke and Ankanban was put in just before Zagashira's, and the name of Tateoyama actor was seen in next to Zagashira's in every order. They were authorized to take responsibility and right to unite all the Oyama actors in the theatre. Until Kansei era (1789-1801), they presided over Hayasi beya (Orchestra team) too, because dance programs were their main performance for Tateoyama.