Shidai (hayashigoto)

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Shidai (次第) is a shōdan of the hayashigoto musical type. Shidai is a slow and formal introductory music for the waki (or, less often, the shite) played by the ko-tsuzumi and o-tsuzumi with nōkan passages. Its composed of three sections which are often abbreviated to two or even to one. The nōkan begins with a piercing hishigi pattern; then the two hand drummers play repeating ground patterns noted for their uneven pulse and the elongated vocal calls (kakegoe). When the flute begins to play in the last division, the curtain is lifted and the waki (and wakizure if any) enters along the hashigakari bridgeway and goes to the shite spot (jōza) where he faces front as the hip drum signals ending patterns. [KWB&DP]