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絵看板 えかんばん



A kind of signboards exhibited in front of theatres, it is decorated with paintings. In the beginning of Edo period, only letters were written on signboards. After the late Genroku(1688-1704) era, pictures bean to be seen on the upper side of Dai nadai kanban, and in addition to this, on small Dai nadai kanban in later. It is written that Ekanban originally exhibited before kabuki theatres and marionette theatres in Osaka from early days (about late 17th century), and theatres in Edo followed them.  From that time, along with theatres developing, various kinds of Ekanban came to be exhibited. Yagura shita kanban higher class actor's name were associated with the story into one Ekanban. And on the right side of it, usual Ekanban were displayed. After Edosanza moved to Saruwakacho in Asakusa because of Tenpo reform, Edosanza had stood side by side in same side on the street. And then they began to hang out signboards on bracket under Yagura.It was also Ekanban. Artists belong to Torii school are in charge of Ekanban in Edo even to this day, on the other hand, in Osaka other artists such as Hasegawa Sadanobu depicted.