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おおのり 大ノリ

Ōnori is one of the three basic rhythmic systems in nō where the syllables of the song are matched to the eight-beat unit that informs the drum beats. In the ōnori system, each syllable is matched to a single beat. Standard lines begin on beat 2 and end with a breath on beat 1. Rhythmic variations involve lengthening a syllable either to cover two full beats or to cover one-and-a-half beats (two such extensions in a series gets the chanter back on beat). Alternatively, a series of syllables may be shortened so they fall on the half beats (hashiri). Ōnori sections generally appear in the latter half of a nō. Often the taiko plays for ōnori sections. Long instrumental dances (mai) without chant are based on the ōnori structure.