Kōji Tanabe

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tanabe.jpg Chair, Kyoto Culture Association (NPO)

   Born in Kyoto in 1971. He was involved in the research and development of VFZ (Vector Format for Zooming) Museum Archive Format in cooperation with Digital Publishing Japan (Current Celartem Technology, Inc. JASDAQ Exchange) and C2RMF (Centre de Recherche et de Restrauration des Musées de France) in 1999. Also in that year, he established Solution, Inc., concluded an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contract for the VFZ image format, and started a digital archive and content business.

   In 2003, he began a traditional art project with Obayashi Corporation, a large general contractor, and promoted the use of images of traditional Japanese art in interior design for foreign-affiliated offices. Also in that year, when the Kyoto International Culture Foundation succeeded to the digital archive enterprise from the city of Kyoto, Mr. Tanabe was asked to become the Counselor. In 2004, he also started the Kyoto Association of Shintō Shrines Digital Archives Project with the Kyoto Association of Shintō Shrines, which unifies 1572 shrines in Kyoto.
   In 2005, he became the Chair of the Kyoto International Culture Foundation, and started the Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project with Canon, Inc., in 2007.
   He co-produced the interior decoration for the G8 Tōya-ko Summit with the Yamamoto Kansai Office, and exhibited three works including a Facsimile of a national treasure, Fūjin raijin zu. (Screen Painting of Wind God and Thunder God) at the Japan Pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China. Mr. Tanabe also participates in various other exhibitions inside and outside of the country to spread knowledge about Japanese cultural properties. As the Chair of the Kyoto Culture Association, Mr. Tanabe is currently active in various pursuits such as the production of high-resolution facsimiles of the Japanese traditional arts and crafts located abroad and the application of such replicas in the educational field.