0.07 Kabuki as an industry

Various prints related to Kabuki such as Yakusha-e (Actors picture) and Banzuke(Fliers) show another aspect of Kabuki as an entertainment industry.

Yakusha-e is Ukiyoe(Japanese woodblock prints) that Kabuki actors are drawn in. Ukiyoe had several schools, and some were very good at drawing this Yakusha-e. Torii school that drew many Yakusha-e at that time, got popularity by drawing billboards for plays, and has become the largest school prospered until today.

Banzuke is a flier that information of the play such as casting, programs, actors and plot are printed on. Basically it can classified into three groups, Kaomise, Yakuwari, and Ehon.

Banzuke is still published today, and at a national theater, 20,000 copies are printed per program. It is said that the similar number of Banzuke are printed in Edo period as well, and it was perfectly one of the great sources of income.