0.01 The most curious entertainment

Although nowadays, Kabuki is known as one of the Japanese traditional performance arts, it was popular mass entertainment that fascinated many people in 17-19 century.

In Meiji period, by the movement of the theatrical play reformation, Kabuki started to recognize as traditional performance arts. However, many audiences and persons relevant to the play preferred Kabuki in Edo period that pursue entertainment than alternative Kabuki that seeks reality and sophistication for the intellectual class and a Westerner, so many literary works and notes that long for Edo Kabuki came to be observed after 1887.

In our exhibition, we would like to classify Kabuki as entertainment into five elements, and reproduce the view of Kabuki world with Ukiyoe picturing "annual events," sources that remarkably show nostalgia of Meiji people for Edo Kabuki.

In this section, we would like to give explanations about basic knowledge and some unique aspects of Kabuki.