83rd International ARC Seminar (Webinar) on Wednesday, April 28, from 18:00 JST - イベント情報

83rd International ARC Seminar (Webinar) on Wednesday, April 28, from 18:00 JST

The 83rd International ARC Seminar will be held as a Webinar on Wednesday, April 28, starting at 18:00 JST.

The program is as follows:

1. The Problem of Distance in Digital Art History: Using the ResearchSpace Knowledge system to capture research methods and thinking. (in English)

Speaker: Dominic Oldman (Head of ResearchSpace & Senior Curator, British Museum, UK)

Abstract: This paper describes a different approach to the use of digital technology and particularly data. This approach views computer systems not just as a way of publishing quantitative references and finding aids but also as environments for representing thinking, interpretations, and arguments. It will use examples from various projects, including the British Museum's Late Hokusai site. These examples show how principles of knowledge representation can be combined with humanities research methods to remove fragmentation and represent complex context. In doing so, ResearchSpace addresses the intellectual, as well as physical aspects, required to fully investigate and analyse research questions using digital tools.

2. Various Needs of Chinese Classics in East Asia / 東アジアにおける漢籍需要の多様性 (in Japanese)

Speaker: Riku TONO (Assistant Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University)

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Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 18:00 - 19:30 JST

Participation: online, free of charge (no reservation required)

*This Webinar is open to everyone, and non-ARC members are also invited to participate.

Please click here to watch the Webinar on YouTube.