Performance of Noh Kyogen and Traditional Kyoto Dance (Kyomai)

Performance content:
Kanze school noh: Shari
Performed by Katayama Kiyoshi
Izumi school kyogen: Kagyu
Performed by Nomura Mansai
Kyomai dance: Kantan
Performed by Inoe Yachiyo and Nomura Mansai

Date and TimeJan 31 (Sat) 2 pm
PlaceKyoto Minami-za
FeeEntrance fee: Unspecified
Entrance fee:
1st class: 14.000 yen
2nd class:  8.000 yen
3rd class:   5.000 yen
Special seats: 16.000 yen
Information (The Katayama Family Foundation for the Preservation of Noh and Kyomai): 
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