Special Performance for the Appreciation of Kagura Music and Dance

Time: Dec 7 (Sun) 2 pm
Place: Sanda City, Sogo Bunka Center, Sato-no-ne Hall 
Scheduled performance content:
This event poroposes to take you from Sanda back to the origins in Izumo  when people were communicating with the gods through the medium of kagura music and dance
1st part: Miwa kagura: Sword dance,Tengu Shishi (Tengu and Lion(s)), Botan (Peony) Shishi (Lion) 
2nd part: Jinrin, Ebisu (God of Wealth Good Fortune), Daija (The Great Snake)

Entrance fee:
General public: 1.000 yen
Information (Sanda City Sogo Bunka Center, Ticket Center): 079-559-8101 
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