Tradition & Creation Series I Inherited Arts

Date and Time

Mar 23 (Wed)


Shiga Prefecture Culture & Industry Exchange Hall


All Non Reserved Seats
General 2.000 yen (2.500 yen on the day)
Under 18 years old 1.000 yen (1.500 yen on the day)

Part 1 - Master of Shiga Prefecture ~Art Sparks and its emotions~ Living National Treasures Performance

Tokiwazu Bushi: Sonomamani Kuruwa Hakkei
Performed by Tokiwazu Ichihadayu

Modern Hogaku: Fuga
Performed by Yamamoto Hozan

Part 2 - Shiga Prefecture Land of Hogaku ~The Inherited Soul and its arts~

Hogaku: Fuji Musume - As seen in Otsu paintings
Performed by Hayashi Chie

Modern Hogaku: "The Tales of Ise" narrated by a female chorus and koto accompaniment.
Performed by Ishigaki Kiyomi

Program (In Japanese)

Information 0749-52-5111

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