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Danmari are kabuki scenes in which a group of characters enact a silent struggle, typically in the dark. A danmari scene can be inserted in many kinds of plays and plots, but with the common purpose of introducing the audience to the assembly of actors appearing on stage in the current production. The actors line up across the stage and vie with each other, in a highly stylized and formal manner, for a treasured object that has significance in the play. This object is often a long unfurled banner that is grasped simultaneously by each of the aligned actors, or it may be another object that works its way down the line from one character to the next. The end of the "struggle" leads into the next scene of the play, as the object is finally possessed by one character who secrets it away. There are several named kinds of danmari. For example, those in jidaimono are called jidai danmari, and those in sewamono are called sewa danmari. (KSL)