E04 The design of Danjyuro

"Kyo no Jiro, Ichikawa Danjyuro"
Artist: Toyokuni the second Oban, Colour print Diptych
Performance: 13 January, 1827(Bunsei 10) Ichimura-za theatre, Edo
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center(arcUY0055) 

This is the scene of Soga Hinka, where Ichikawa Danjuro the seventh, playing the role of Kyo no Jirou, tries to ungird 鬼王女房月小夜's sash of kimono. On the folding screen behind Danjyuro, a flying but with moon, folding fan, and Botan (peony) was printed with his name board.
A peony came to use since the era of Ichikawa Danjyuro the second, when the incident of Ejima Kijima happened. Before, Danjyuro was using a costume with Gyoyo botan got from Ejima, but when he was examined at magistrate's office, he made an excuse that Gyoyo botan is the sub crest of Ichikawa-ke, and he kept using it since then. Gyoyo botan pattern is also used for shash of Sukeroku.
A bat came from a peony. Peony are also called "fortune peony" in Japan, and the Kanji of bat and fortune look similar, and also in China, peony is a symbol of wealth, so especially Danjyuro the seventh loved to use it.
Near danjyuro's feet, there is a cigarette case that three lines are printed on, and this is the part of his family crest, Mimasu (three squares).