H09 Bukkaeri: Sekinoto

"Otomo no Kuronushi"
Artist: Kunitsuna Oban, Colour print
Performance: 12 November, 1858(Ansei 5) Ichimura-za theatre in Edo 
外題:"Koharu no En Mitsugumi Sakazuki" "Tsumoru Koi Yuki no Seki no To"
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center (arcUY0242)

"Bukkaeri" (lit. overturning) is another kind of "Hikinuki" (lit. pulling out) which is a stage effect to make surprising quick costume change onstage. An actor in a costume with a special device which the upper half of it is basted across the top of the shoulders. When an actor pulls out the thread, the outer Kimono drops down in front and back and the another Kimono beneath it appears. The back side of outer costume is identical with the other, and it hangs down from an actor's waist like the under part of the costume. This technique is mainly used when a character reveal it's true identity to produce higher stage effects by its visual impact.
The scenes which a character takes off the mask and exposes its true name and social status are called "Miarawashi" (lit. exposing). The character on the left is a gate guard Kanbei which is a temporary appearance of a villain Otomo no Kuronushi. When Kanbei's true identity is exposed, an actor plays the villain make quick change with the technique "Bukkaeri" into the Kuronushi's gorgeous black and gold garment.
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Tsumorukoi Yuki no Sekinoto