G06 The First Theatrical Magazine

Editor and Publisher: Kabukishinpo-sha publishing 半紙本
First issue:1879(Meiji 12)
Final issue: 1897(Meiji 30)
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center(arcBK02-0213-0004)

Kabukishinpo was the first theatrical magazine initiated in February 1879(Meiji 12). Originally it was published three times a month, but in later, increased to ten times a month. Its final issue was vol.1669 published in March 1897(Meiji 30).
The original editorial boards were famous writers such as Kanagaki Robun and Kubota Hikosaku. The contents were full of interesting articles, such as each theatre's scripts and plots, updates of actors, critiques of performances, articles like chronicle, and theatrical paragraphs. The cover of this volume also shows the contents, says "Actors and Titles and Casting of Every Theatres, Surprising Tales, and Contributed Hokku (the first lines of Japanese liked poem)". And under the title which printed in center, the feature of the volume was indicated, says "New Titles Written by Kawatake and Segawa", and actually the theatre scripts of the new titles and its introductions were written in many pages. The readers enjoyed to read them.
The volume displayed here is vol.4, which begins with "Historical Explanation of Kanjincho of 18 Kabuki Repertoires", and even more publishes "Old and Modern Times Tales" which shows tales of theatrical industry in Edo period, theatrical plots of Ichimura-za theatre and Haruki-za theatre, and theatrical paragraphs. The appendix of this volume was transcribed "Zekkucho" by the famous actor Nakamura Nakazo.
arcBK02-0213aab.jpg In later volumes, beautiful color printed paper cover were also published to bind some volumes.(,)