E05 Ichikawa Family's Kumadori

"Ichikawa-ke Hiden Kumadori-zukan"
Author: Ichikawa Danjyuro the seventh and the eight 版型:大本in 1 volume
Published: reprinted in April 1918(Taisho 7) 
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center (arcBK01-0135)

Kumadori which is also called "Kuma" in shortly is a characteristic makeup of Kabuki. This make up emphasizes on the muscle, a skeletal, and brood vessels on actor's face. It is written that the origin of Kumadori was when Ichikawa Danjyuro the first played warrior Sakata Kintoki in Shitenno Osanadachi with red and black Kumadori makeup in 1673(Enpo 1) in his age of only 14. After that, Ichikawa Danjyuro the second added new idea, such as gradations, on it.
It is also regarded that the makeup technique Liǎnpǔ used in Chinese classic drama had influenced on Kumadori. And on the other hand, the statues of deities in rage face, such as Fudomyouou or Niou, or the face of puppets which were used in Konpira jyoruri is also considered as the model.
The picture roll displayed here is "Ichikawa Hiden Kumadori-zukan" which is illustrated by Ichikawa Danyjuro the seventh and written by Ichikawa Danjyuro the eighth. This work shows 21 patters of Kumadori which were inherited through Ichikawa family. According to the preface, the original was written in 1852(Kaei 5). On each illustrations, the actors name who contrived the Kumadori and the character's name for which Kumadori was invented is also described.
The illustration in the right is Sujiguma which was the idea of Ichikawa Danjyuro the first.
 arcBK01-0135_006.jpgThe illustration in the left is another Sujiguma improved by Ichikawa Danjyuro the second. He added shading on it. He was inspired by petals of peony in a garden, and used it for showing his face bigger.
 The exhibit is reprinted version in 1918(Taisho 7) from replica in 1914(Taisho 3) by Engeichinsho Kanko-kai. (,)