D04 Ichikawa Danjyuro the Fifth

"Urashiro Hamahei jitsuwa Minamoto Yahei Hiroyasu"
Artist: Shunei Hosoban, Color print
Performance: 12 November,1790(Kansei 2) at Kawarazaki-za theatre in Edo
外題:「大だん観進帳」 一番目四立目「濡寄時雨桜」
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center (arcUP1077)

Ichikawa Danjyuro the fifth was born in 1741(Kanpo 1) as a son of Ichikawa Danjyuro the fourth in Edo and died on 29 October 1806(Bunka 3) when he was 65 years old. In November 1754(Horeki 4), he succeeded the stage name Matsumoto Koshiro from his father on his promotion to Ichikawa Danjyuto the fourth and became Matsumoto Koshiro the third. And he inherited his father's stage name which is the great predesessor's name Ichikawa Danjyuro the fifth in November 1770(Meiwa 7) when he was 29 years old.
He was born in a head lineage of Kabuki actors and his father was also a person took a central role in Kabuki in the middle of Eo period. However, he was never conceited by his blessed environment and raise his position by his efforts for improvement like his father. He gained great reputation and popularity when he acted Wada Yoshi and performed a famous lengthy lines "Uiro uri" (a medicine bender) in November 1754(Horeki 4).
He also introduced new stage effects which were in trend, such as "Hayagawari" (a quick-change) to act several characters in the same stage. And he was also the first actor as a member of the family specializes in acting Aragoto (powerful warrior) to perform a famous hero Oboshi Yuranosuke which belongs to Jitsugoto (a sensible person) rather than warriors. He had also a progressive aspect like this.
In 1791(Kansei 3), he gave his stage name to his eldest son and changed his name to Ichikawa Ebizo, while he meant not a lobster but a shrimp as to show his humbleness by using another Kanji to represent "Ebi". After he performed "Shibaraku" which is one of the repertoires of his family in November 1796(Kansei 8), he retired from the world in Hogo-an house in Mukoyama.
His acting style was based on his family repertoires and he was good at Jitsuaku (villain), but he could also act a hero and female characters. He had another name for enjoying composing Kyoka (a comic Tanka poem), which was "Hanamichi no Tsurane", and also belonged to Kyoka circles.
The picture displayed here is an actor print which describes one scene from the opening season of performance year when he performed "Shibaraku" for the last time as Ichikawa Danjyuro the fifth. He acted a servant named Hamahei in Shosagoto (dance program) whith Tokiwazu narattive.