A09 Screen with pictures of Kabuki in early days

"Wakashukabukizu Harikomibyobu"
Artist: Unknown 形態:Six-fold screen, 1隻
Early Edo period
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center (arcFS00-0002)

This picture depicts Kagemachaya, an amusement house served by professional catamite, and the stage of Wakashukabuki in a six-folded screen. There are four scenes related to Kabuki, firstly 4 young male actors (Wakashu) performing dance in a group, secondly, a scene from the Noh program Matsukaze, and then, three people wearing a ceremonial hat (Eboshi), finally, a scene of a Samurai in armor playing at chaya (lit. teahouse-- where geisha entertain men). We can see some people play Shamisen and Chinese fiddles as stage music.
It is unknown when this work were created, but possibly created by Genroku (1688-1704) era. This is one of rare materials tells us a picture of Wakashukabuki at that time. (,)

Wakashukabuki, Matsukaze, Chaya, Shamisen