A06 Newly Found Yakusha Hyoubanki (Actors Critique)

"Yakusha Inaka Miyage"
Artist: 三日堂のら 版型:半紙半裁・横本1冊。
Published: June, 1772(amiwa 9)
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center(arcBK04-0180)

 Since the middle of Edo period, Edoban yakusha hyo-banki that evaluates the Kabuki performance in Edo started to be published. Often it was published in the form of黒表紙横本、三巻三冊, and it has less text than Hyobanki of Hachimonjuya.
Often publish company and target performance vary, so the date of publication differed as well. Although various books were published, its circulation was small, so many of them are only one in the world.
This book is the record when Ichimura-za and Nakamua-za performed around Edo in March because their theaters were burned in a fire on February 28th, 1772. The book mentions only about the place, program, and casting but no evaluation of acting. It is a rare case that they have a performance in rural area, so this is important material to know where in East Japan were available to perform Kabuki.
The article of Nakamura Nakazo the first says「[わる口]この比きけばきがちがつたといふそよ[頭取]成程左様に思召すは御もつともでござります。甲州の芝居へ罷越られ候所道にてふと病気ニ付 江戸表へ罷帰られました 此間病気平ゆふにてずいぶんたつしやでごさります」. In "Kabuki nenpyo," 「中村仲蔵狂乱」という読売が売り出されたとの記事もあるが、別の記事を引合いに出して、「妄言」とも記述する。This became a reason of widespread rumor of Nakazou Kyoran.
This book was in Yakusha hyobanki catalog, and the storage location was unknown. However, this year, art research center officially purchased it. Although only one book were found today, the catalog says it originally consists of three books, and also evaluated actors in the book are listed on only the first half of actors list, so we are assuming that the rest two books are lacking.