0.05 Actors

One of the special features of Kabuki is that all actors are man, so of course female characters are also played by man, and Only little girls can be on the stage.

There are specific names of characters in Kabuki, and some of them are used until today in Japan. For example, characters who are not the villain or old people are called Tachiyaku. Tachiyaku are the main persons of the story which support good people and caught audience's attention. Therefore, in modern Japanese, the word Tachiyakusha means the person who contributed to achieve something.

Add to this, Tachiyaku can be classified into three groups. The characters who are masculine and have strong power are called "ARAGOTO." They are good people but often have wild personality and looking. In contrast, beautiful gentle man who appear in the program themed romance are called "WAGOTO," and intelligent man, who become key persons of the story, are called "JITSUGOTO."
On the other hand, "ONNAGATA" indicates the actors who play woman characters in a story. Although ONNAGATA requires high ability to act as woman with delicate feminine motion, their focus was not to reproduce actual woman realistically. In other words, they attempted to express femininity not by their appearance, but their motion and acting.