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Applying for the Use of Materials and Equipment at the ARC

 The Digital Archive Research Center for Japanese Cultural Resources of the Art Research Center at Ritsumeikan University offers a variety of digital research facilities.

Applying for the Use of Images

 As a rule, materials in the ARC collection and digital archives may only be viewed within the Center. In some cases, a fee set by the ARC may be payable for the reproduction of certain materials.
 For further information regarding the viewing and access of images, please see the Visitor’s Guide.

Applying for the Use of Research Facilities

 Members of joint research projects approved by the Digital Archive Research Center for Japanese Cultural Resources may access to the ARC’s research resources (facilities, equipment, cloud storage, database, etc.)
 For further information on how to apply for access, please see Application Guidelines.

Application Guidelines


Open Database

Cloud storage: OwnCloud

 File server and cloud storage are provided to researchers and for research projects to facilitate the making and transmitting of digital contents such as images that have been collected by the researchers or under the research projects, as well as for allowing access to such contents by study groups via the Internet.
 Users are responsible for the use of the database system and cloud storage. Further information can be found in the Database and Cloud Storage Usage Rules

The Rules on Database and Cloud Storage Usage

Step 1: Submit a Request Form

Please read the e-document “The Rules on Database and Cloud Storage Usage.” If you agree with the terms and conditions, please submit a “Database and Cloud Storage Usage Application Form” to the following e-mail address. Please consult with us in advance if you are in rush.

Step 2: Approval and Issuing of an ID and a Password

We will send you the review result of your application by e-mail. When it is approved, we issue your account ID and password as well.

Facility and Equipment Rental

The Art Research Center endeavors to conserve cultural assets, and possesses the facilities and equipment necessary for researchers to build their own digital archives. The Center provides these to each joint research projects.

Facility and Equipment Rental

Researchers wishing to use the facilities and equipment should email the Request for Equipment Use form to the office (see email address below) at least one week prior to the date of use. In case of urgency, please consult the ARC Office.
Upon receipt of the request form we will check the current lending status of the equipment and inform the availability of the equipment requested. Please note that it may take several days and the equipment may not be available as requested.

To find out more about the facilities and equipment at the ARC, please inquire any ARC researcher participating in any joint research project, or Technical Support:

Applying for the Use of the Joint Research Room

Joint Research Rooms are provided for use by projects conducted at the ARC. To use a Joint Research Room for conducting research at the ARC, please read the Joint Research Room User Guide before downloading the Joint Research Room Usage Application Form and the Art Research Center Facilities Usage Agreement and sending both forms to the ARC Office detailed below.

Contact us;

Art Research Center Research Office at Kinugasa Campus
Ritsumeikan University
56-1 Toji-in Kita-machi, Kita-ku,
Kyoto 603-8577 JAPAN
TEL:+81-(0)75-465-8476 *Except for weekends, national holidays, etc.