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      <p ns="0" title="研究会の記録2008年~2012年" snippet="The &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;Meaning&lt;/span&gt; of the Hemp-Leaf (Asa-no-ha) Motif in Kabuki Costume&#10;" size="7547" wordcount="1188" timestamp="2021-02-27T14:26:45Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="Dan" snippet="With the &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; of &amp;quot;section&amp;quot;, dan appear in other contexts in the noh. Long instrumental da&#10;" size="1004" wordcount="171" timestamp="2021-02-27T17:35:46Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="Dating Hokusai Prints of the 1830s" snippet="...i Iitsu hitsu), and Hokusai wrote the character for hitsu (or ‘brush’, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; ‘drawn with a brush’) on every print in a distinctive and unusual shape&#10;The name Iitsu had a personal &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; of renewal and a new beginning for Hokuksai. He had finished his first cycl&#10;" size="61872" wordcount="9915" timestamp="2021-02-27T18:19:50Z" />