H07 Yotsuya Kaidan: the transformation by using a shutter

"Kamiya Jinemon" "Oiwa Kohei Boukon"
Artist: Kuniyoshi Oban, Colour print
Performance: 28, Sep, 1848(Kaei 1)
Ritsumeikan Art Research Center(arcUP2984) 

Toita gaeshi
Hayagawari used in the scene of "Onbobori-no-ba" of a master piece of ghost story of "Tokaidou Yotsuya Kaidan."
This is the scene when Iemon was fishing at Onbobori, the shutter that dead bodies of Oiwa and Kohei, who were killed by Iemon, were attached on both sides came floating down the river. The costumes of Oiwa and Kohei were attached to the shutter beforehand so that one actor can act double roles at the same scene by turning over the panel and just putting out his face from a hole.
In this picture, the name of character Tamiya Iemon changed to Kamiya Iemon. Iemon nailed up Oiwa, who was his dead wife poisoned by the house of Itou living next to her, and Kohei, who was killed because he attempted to steal proprietary medicine of the house of Tamiya, to a shutter and floated down the river. After few days, when Iemon was fishing, suddenly the shutter was floated down to him and dead Kohei opened his mouth and talked to Iemon "Give me the medicine," and Oiwa reached out her arms for him, saying "I blame you, curse upon you."
The picture was not drawn as Shikake-e (a picture with devices), but it implies Hayagawari because the side face of Oiwa can be seen the back side of the shutter. (,)



Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan, Hayagawari