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July 21, 2011

Human-Computer Interaction International 2011

From 7/9/2011 to 7/14/2011, I participated in the Fourteenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Orlando, Florida.

I gave a poster presentation of my research on sensory data and the characteristics of dance expressing joy, sadness, and anger, entitled “Relations between Kansei Information and Movement Characteristics in Point-light Displays of Dance”.
There were many interesting sessions that presented cutting-edge research results, including “Kansei Value Creation”, “Emotions in HCI”, “Relationality Design”, “Embodied Interaction and Communication”, “Motion Modeling”, “Digital Museum”, “3D Technology for HMD and LCD: a Human Interface”, “Visualization Methods, Techniques and Applications”, “Signal and Image Processing for HCI”, and “Conversational Robots in HCI”.
My participation in this conference was supported by the JSPS “Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits”.
Nao Shikanai
Digital Archive Technology Research Group, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

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