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Guidelines for FY 2017 Joint Research with Research Fund


We finished accepting the applications for FY 2017.

The Art Research Center (ARC), Ritsumeikan University, has been vigorously promoting cooperative research between the humanities and cutting-edge information technology, whose research focuses on digital-archiving Japanese cultural properties, both tangible and intangible. In the fiscal year of 2014, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, designated the ARC as a Joint Usage/Research Center. With the establishment of the Digital Archive Research Center for Japanese Cultural Resources, we are pleased to invite researchers to submit joint research proposals to facilitate research and/or utilization of Japanese cultural resources through their digital archiving and database building.

Research Themes

(A)The themes set up by the Center are as follows

The expected themes can be divided into two categories: the themes setup by the Center and open themes.

  1. Joint research to take cultural resources in the Kyoto Basin as research subjects, such as World Cultural Heritages and intangible cultural heritages.
  2. Joint research to develop technology for digital archiving and Digital Museums(別ウィンドウ).
  3. Joint research to digital archive and utilize Japanese art and cultural resources at museums abroad.

(B)Open Themes

Themes are open; please submit a research proposal to study the ARC’s research materials or related subjects, which include Japanese history, historical GIS, Japanese art and crafts, Japanese literature, Japanese performing arts, Japanese movies, videogames, and TV commercials.

If you would like to continue your research with the same theme as adopted in FY 2016, please apply for the “on-going research” category.



In principle, the research leader of the joint research team should be a faculty member/researcher/curator who belongs to a university or a research institution. Note: a graduate student cannot be a leader.

The joint research team as an organization

  1. A research team consists of its research leader and co-researchers.
  2. While it is recommended that the team include a faculty member of the Art Research Center* as its team member, you can apply without an ARC member, as well. If that is the case, we may assign a member to join the team as its coordinator.

    *In this case, the ARC faculty does not include senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, and visiting researchers.

A research team

Research period

  • April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018
    • - If you hope to continue your research in FY2017, please resubmit your research proposal, as the “on-going research” category, when we invite to submit research proposals for the next fiscal year.

Research funds and the number of proposals adopted

  • (A)The themes setup by the Center: Seven hundred thousand yen or less (About 2 proposals per year.)
  • (B)Open themes: Three hundred fifty thousand yen or less (About 10 proposals per year.)
    • -The research fund can be used to cover expenses necessary for conducting the joint research, under the provision of Ritsumeikan University’s Guidelines for Research Fund Spending.
    • -The University’s Research Office will manage the funds.
    • -You can spend the fund for neither purchasing research equipment of over a half million yen, nor paying indirect costs of the institutions where the team members belong.
    • -The Joint Research Reviewing Committee may adopt a research team by changing the category for which the team originally applied.
    • -The Joint Research Reviewing Committee may reduce the research fund from the original amount that the team requests in the application.
How to submit a proposal, i.e., “Application Form for Joint Research with Research Fund”

Please submit the Form as an e-mail attachment. We will send you a confirmation mail by the next business day. If you did not receive the mail by then, please contact the office of Art Research Center in the following address.

  1. Application deadline:
    17:00 (JST) on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 We finished accepting the applications for FY 2017.

  2. Submit to:
    Office of the Art Research Center
    Research Office at Kinugasa Campus
    Ritsumeikan University

  3. Selection process and notification
    The Joint Research Reviewing Committee of the Art Research Center will evaluate the research proposals. We will send out the evaluation results by e-mail in the end of March.
    Please note that we place much value on the following points:
    • -Whether or not a research team will be able to develop further collaboration with other researchers and institutions through digital archives of Japanese cultural resources.
    • -Whether or not a research team intends to integrate the humanities with science or other disciplines in its research plan.
    • -Whether or not a project can be developed internationally.
    • -Whether or not a project helps fostering young researchers, such as postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students.
The Others

Research outcomes

  1. As research outcomes, we expect improvement and dissemination of databases. We also expect the team members to publish and/or present their research outcomes on websites and at conferences, etc.
  2. After the end of this fiscal year, the research team is expected to submit its research outcomes as a report, which the ARC will include in its bulletin Art Research.
  3. Copyrights related to the research outcomes belong to their authors/creators/database builders.
  4. When the research proposal is adopted, the research leader is expected to outline the project and report the research outcomes at symposiums and conferences.
  5. Research outcomes should be shared with researchers in other universities and research institutions, unless there are special circumstances.


  1. The ARC accepts the research leader as a visiting researcher of the Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University--the umbrella organization to which the ARC belongs. The visiting researcher can use the ARC’s facilities and research resources by following the ARC’s rules.
    When co-researchers wish to use the ARC’s facilities and research resources, they can also use the ARC’s facilities and research resources by applying for a visiting researcher.
  2. Before submitting a research proposal, in principle, the research leader needs to secure agreements not only from his or her research organization for applying for the Joint Research but also from the team’s co-researchers for their participations.
  3. Graduate students of Ritsumeikan University may be assigned to joint research teams to foster young researchers.
Contact us
E. Nakamura, C.Nishio
Office of the Art Research Center
Research Office at Kinugasa Campus
Ritsumeikan University
Phone: +81-75-466-3439(9:00~17:30)

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