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The Art Research Center holds various resources about Japanese Arts and Cultures, which you can search and browse through our database system.

ARC Portal Databases

The following portal databases allow you to do federated search of not only the ARC collection but also collections of collection holders, collaborating with the ARC.

Cultural Resources Browsing Database
Ukiyo-e Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)
The Early Japanese Books Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)
Shibai Banzuke (Kabuki Playbills) Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)
Donated and Entrusted Books Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)
Woodblocks Database(別ウィンドウ)
Performing Arts Pictures Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)
ARC Digital Research Resources Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)
Landscape Photo Portal Database(別ウィンドウ)

Reference Database
Chronology Article Database(別ウィンドウ)
Name of Person Database(別ウィンドウ)
Federated Search System
Portal databases at the ARC(別ウィンドウ)
Some databases at the ARC(別ウィンドウ)
ARC Collections Databases
BanzukeBooksUkiyo-eArts and CraftsImageOthers
ARC所蔵古典籍データベース(別ウィンドウ) ARC所蔵近代書籍データベース(別ウィンドウ)
ARC所蔵近代書籍PDF閲覧データベース(別ウィンドウ) 展覧会カタログデータベース(別ウィンドウ)
映画パンフレットデータベース(別ウィンドウ) ARC所蔵番付データベース(別ウィンドウ)
ARC所蔵浮世絵データベース(別ウィンドウ) 藤井永観文庫閲覧システム(別ウィンドウ)
京都近代染織資料データベース(別ウィンドウ) 型紙データベース(別ウィンドウ)
ARC寄贈・寄託AV資料データベース(別ウィンドウ) シナリオデータベース(別ウィンドウ)
能本(謡本)データベース(別ウィンドウ) 日本・京都地図コレクション(別ウィンドウ)
ARCデジタル資源データベース(別ウィンドウ) 絵葉書・古写真データベース(別ウィンドウ)
ARC Collections Databases
Japanese Woodblock Prints(別ウィンドウ)
Kyoto Modern Textile-related Materials(別ウィンドウ)
The Early Japanese Books Database(別ウィンドウ)
ARC Map Collection(別ウィンドウ)
Donated and Entrusted Books(別ウィンドウ)
Shibai Banzuke (Kabuki Playbills) Browsing System(別ウィンドウ)
The Modern Japanese Book Database(別ウィンドウ)
Film and Drama Scripts(別ウィンドウ)
Fujii Eikan Bunko Browsing System(別ウィンドウ)
Noh Chant Books (Utaibon)(別ウィンドウ)
Woodblocks Database(別ウィンドウ)
Movie Brochures(別ウィンドウ)
Textile Printing Stencils(別ウィンドウ)
Exhibition Catalogues(別ウィンドウ)
ARC Academic Wiki Websites
Open Gadai Wiki(別ウィンドウ)
Databases of Other Research Organizations’ Collections
KabukiBooksUkiyo-eArts and CraftsOthers
Chintei Collection Banzuke (Kabuki and Joruri Playbills) (別ウィンドウ) SEIKA TVCM Collection(別ウィンドウ)
Shochiku Otani Library Collection, Shibai Banzuke Browsing System (別ウィンドウ) Kyoto Topography Database(別ウィンドウ)
Marega Collection(別ウィンドウ) Kawaraban and Surimono Woodblock Prints, Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archives(別ウィンドウ)
Modern Japanese Ceramics Image Database(別ウィンドウ) Maps of Japan from the Collection of Sir Hugh and Lady Cortazzi(別ウィンドウ)
Bamboo Baskets(別ウィンドウ) Yakusha Hyobanki Kenkyukai’s Dictionary for Unified Processing Chinese Characters(別ウィンドウ)
Japanese Ceramics(別ウィンドウ) Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage Collection(別ウィンドウ)
Research Databases, Based on ARC Projects
KabukiBooksUkiyo-eArts and CraftsOthers
Search System by Titles, based on Bibliographical Introduction to Kabuki and Plays by Category by Seitaro Atsumi(別ウィンドウ) Lacquerware Research Link Collection(別ウィンドウ)
A Chronological Table of Edo Kabuki Musicians, and
a List of Edo Kabuki Song Books(別ウィンドウ)
Ongyoku Shisho Shurokusho Sakuin(別ウィンドウ)
Comprehensive Chronological Database of Japanese Performing Art and Theatre Productions(別ウィンドウ) Ongyoku ShishoTenkyo Sakuin for Waka Poems(別ウィンドウ)
Kabuki and Joruri Roles’ Names Database(別ウィンドウ) Performance Records of Kabuki Actors, based
on the 3rd Phase of Yakusha hyobanki(別ウィンドウ)
Kabuki Actors Database(別ウィンドウ) Japanese Arts and Cultures Bibliography(別ウィンドウ)
A Comprehensive Database of Erotic Books
in the Edo Period(別ウィンドウ)
Japanese Literature Electronic Texts (別ウィンドウ)
Maizuru-shi Itoi Bunko Browsing System(別ウィンドウ) Noh Video(別ウィンドウ)
Ukiyo-e-related Sites(別ウィンドウ) Hanamichi Research Group’s Dotonbori Hanamichi Text (別ウィンドウ)
List of Ukiyo-e Catalogues and Books with Ukiyo-e (別ウィンドウ)
Kyoto Famous Places Image Database(別ウィンドウ)
External Database, Built by an ARC-affiliated Researcher
Sukenobu Nishikawa Database(別ウィンドウ)

The database and materials

 The ARC's collection and digital archives are the fruit of materials collected, donated and entrusted for the promotion of ARC’s undertakings.
 The collection also includes invaluable materials not available elsewhere but these are strictly for research purposes and many are not available to the public for preservation reason even if viewing is requested. Please also be advised that viewing of materials available for public viewing may be declined due to research schedules at the ARC.

Using the database and materials

 As a rule, all materials in the ARC collection and the digital archives can only be viewed inside the ARC. In some cases, a fee set by the ARC may be payable for the reproduction of certain materials.
 For further information, please see the Visitor's Guide.


The copyrights of all materials in the ARC collection and digital archives belong to the ARC, or individuals such as researchers and entrusters.
No materials may be reproduced or reused without permission whatsoever.
Visitors may use the photocopying machine at the ARC to make reproductions of materials in the ARC collection. Prior application is required for the reproduction of digital archive materials. For further information, please see the Visitor's Guide.