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わかおんな 若女

Waka-onna is noh mask of a young woman. Traditionally, Waka-onna is used by the Kanze school for shite roles of young woman or female spirits.

Noh Kyogen


Mask features

Youthful maturity is expressed in the gently modeled cheeks, a half-open mouth with lingering smile, and high-set painted eyebrows that are neither thick nor thin, The loose hairs are painted in delicate parallel lines: two at the part, four crossing them, and three descending down the side of the face.

Mask background

Many early noh masks from the Muromachi period before the types were standardized are described with the general name "Young Woman", or Wakai Onna 若い女. These masks take various styles and should be distinguished from the mature form of the Waka-onna mask. (MB)