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かんぜこじろうのぶみつ 観世小次郎信光 



Kanze Kojirō Nobumitsu 1435-1516, noh actor, drummer, playwright, and theoretician.


Seventh son of eminent noh actor Kanze Saburō Motoshige (1398–1467), more commonly known as On’ami, Kanze Kōjirō Nobumitsu (1435-1516) learned to play drums. After his elder brother Matasaburō Masamori (? -1470) died leaving a young child as the next troupe leader, Nobumitsu took over his training and support. He is known today mostly for the dramatic plays he wrote employing many people on stage at one time, often labeled furyū style. Nobumitsu led the Kanze troupe through the difficult period of the Ōnin wars. Nobumitsu’s leadership enabled the Kanze family to maintain its important position as one of the major noh troupes.


Noh Plays

Plays still performed:

Plays that are no longer performed

Plays that are no longer extant

  • Jō no Tarō 城の太郎
  • Kōbōjo けうぼう女
  • Miidera Zenji 三井寺前師(禅師)
  • Morinaga 盛長
  • Rōtosha 労度差
  • Yasusada 保貞


  • Kanze Kōjirō Gonnogami Densho (The teaching of Kanze Kojirō Gonnogami, 1492). This text, untranscribed, can be found in the collection of the Kanze Shinkurō family. See Nō Kyūgen II, 1988.
  • Koezukaukoto (On Chanting, 1511). This text is discussed in Omote Akira’s Nōgakushi Shinkō.


Lim Beng Choo. Another Stage: Kanze Nobumitsu and the Late Muromachi Noh Theater. Cornell East Asia Series 163, 2012.

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